Nat and Ian

I have known Ian and Nat for a few years now, Ian was a regular riding buddy from my early Melbourne days when you would mostly catch me fanging laps in skate park bowls with Ian and crew.

We had a few riding trips together and I eventually met Nat as she came on the scene. Hailing from the Pacific North West it was important to both of them to have the nature surrounding them that they both grew up with, so naturally the Redwood forest at Warburton was it.

With the large Redwoods that Nat grew up with in the area along the Oregon Coast, to the native Australian bush that Ian (and myself!) have grown up amongst. As we chatted further about where their elopement was going to be, they decided to include a small group of their close friends, their 'camping crew.' 

Marking the exact time and co-ordinates of the spot they tied the knot, the rest of the afternoon was filled with love, laughter and good times. If you don't believe me, watch the film above and check out some of the images from their special day!